Sooo, interesting fact that most people on the Island know, but if you’re a visitor you probably do not. The Isle of Man has WILD Wallabies. 

The area we’re looking at here is immediately behind the Wildlife Park and in the 1980s a few wallabies (begin playing The Great Escape soundtrack in your head), decided that being locked up was not for them, so made a break for it! They are now, by all accounts, thriving in the wild!  

This is a great one for kids, it takes a couple of hours, there’s a well maintained track running through the middle and you can sit and have a picnic, then you venture off into the bush to see if you can find a wallaby or two! I have had mixed success at this, which is why I think I like it. Sometimes they are sat on the path in front of you, sometimes you won’t see any, but I think it would get a little boring if they were there every time. 

There’s lots of clambering around muddy paths etc, so wellies are advisable, as are clothes you don’t mind kids getting dirty in. But it’s free, it’s great fun, it’s a bit different and kids love it when they see one. So give it a go.