The Manx Aviation and Military Museum is my top bad weather place to go! It doesn’t actually need to be bad weather, but since we get enough of it you might as well go for a walk or something when the weather is nice out. 🙂

This is one of those places that I’ve driven past a thousand times and never bothered going into, but it’s well worth the trip and slightly controversially, I’m going to say this place is better than the Manx Museum to visit.

If you have any interest in Manx military history some of the things here will open your eyes (take a look at the map at the reception with the plane crashes in the north of the island, and the map showing war casualties from the central Douglas area).  The guy on reception was very friendly, knowledgeable, and happy to discuss the exhibits at the museum.  

Kids love it as well, there’s bomb shells around the place, guns, uniforms, plane parts and even a tank! Great fun and you’ll easily spend an hour in here.  

The Museum can be found just next to the airport on the Castletown side and you just walk down to the entrance on the left hand side.