The Cringle is a great place for a walk, now I am a little bit bias, as a kid I spent my summers up there fishing so I love the place.

But fishing aside, it is an amazing place for a walk. The Carpark is accessible by following the road immediately below the South Barrule Plantation heading south down the Ballamodha Straight from Foxdale. Turn up the road where the forest ends and the house is on the corner.

Word of warning, it is the great outdoors & near water! Get repellent on or try to avoid walking there too late in the evening in Summer or you’ll be eat alive by midges, but it’s fine in winter.

The walk from the carpark takes about 40-60 mins, at a leisurely pace to do a full lap. Wear suitable footwear, in winter wellies are best as there is standing water at the top side of the lake (so lots of puddles to splash in). You can get through the trees in summer to avoid this, but in winter its also boggy there too (more puddles to splash in 🙂 !

Whenever you choose to do it, this walk is great fun!