Each summer there are various Boat Trips available from Port Erin and Port St Mary that either go around, or land on, the Calf of Man. 

It is a fascinating island, and a must if you’re a Photographer! With a large seal population, and a raft of other Wildlife, you’ll easily spend a few hours making your way from the Landing Point opposite the Sound Cafe to the collection point on the far side of the Island. There’s a HUGE dragon that can usually be found drinking at the far side of the island too!

Pre-Booking is essential, search Facebook and follow the boats who are doing trips and they will post availability and dates a few days in advance.

The Calf is bigger than you think it is going to be! From the Sound Cafe it looks quite small, but don’t be fooled. As per the below map, it would cover the area of the sound back to Cregneash so is a decent walk.

Don’t forget to bring a picnic!