The Point of Ayre is the most northerly point on the Isle of Man and its a good place for a wander! The pebble beach is a nesting ground for sea birds seasonally, but there is always a way to get to the actual shoreline if you head for ‘Winkie’, the small lighthouse you will see in the middle of the Beach.

More recently, the Point seems to have become home to quite a large Seal population, so if you want to go somewhere that you’re pretty much guaranteed to see some seals either close to, or even on, the beach, this is a good spot.

To get to the Lighthouse get to Bride and keep going north (I would recommend a stop at Bride Tea Rooms en-route!), there is a car park just by the Shoreline and you can walk from there.

Please take note of the nesting seabirds, the whole area closed off so dogs must be kept on a lead.