Do stuff….. Yeah there’s a lot going on at this forest…

Lazer-Mayhem, Quad Bikes, Axe Throwing, Ape-Mann, Swegway Tours… Probably more!

In this post I’ll concentrate on the free stuff. This is quite a large Forest by Isle of Man terms, with probably a couple of miles of tracks through it. It is very popular with Mountain Bikers and Walkers alike, and it is a nice place for a hike or ride.

The main carpark is just off the main road on the bend and you will see all of the paid activities from the road as you drive in.

Walking around and having an explore will take you about 1-2 hours and if you love a good forest hike, this is one of the best.

From the Map below you will see that there are quite a lot of trails, just remember if you do get lost – walk down hill and you’ll always hit the road!