Milner’s Tower with it’s impressive location over Port Erin Bay is a must visit location, the views from here on a sunny day are spectacular!

Start with the basics, you can hike to it by following the Road up from Port Erin Promenade, but it is a fair old hike! Most people park at Bradda Head Car Park (where the Restaurant is) and you can just follow the path in the corner of the Car Park.

It is still a bit of a walk, especially for children, but they do enjoy it and the paths are well maintained right up to the Tower itself.

The Tower is OPEN, which is quite a rarity when it comes to old towers (in fact, this is the only one I can think of), so you can go up to the top and enjoy views over Port Erin and to the Calf of Man.

There is a lot of history around this tower, so do a bit of googling before you go! Oh and if you go there later in the day, I would highly recommend sticking around for sunset on a nice night! Enjoy..